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Durham Hood cleaning

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A Note From The Top Hood Cleaning Company in Durham, NC...

To all Durham NC restaurant owners,

Over the past 23 and half years, my team of kitchen hood cleaners and I have cleaned thousands of commercial vent hoods, grease traps, and ducts for restaurants, cafeterias, bars and other commercial food establishments.  After being in the restaurant industry for so long, we’ve seen just how important it is to keep your vent hood clean, mainly so your restaurant doesn’t go up in smoke.  Grease fires are one of the leading causes of restaurants going under (aside from poor business management).  And that’s something that we want to help you prevent by keeping the place clean at all times. Proper sanitation of the kitchen area keeps your patrons and staff safe.

Durham hood cleaning strives to be your go-to commercial restaurant exhaust sanitation service.  We have a staff of highly trained ex-inspectors who are familiar with the NFPA 96 laws and local health and safety codes and have gone through rigorous on-the-job training to ensure that we deliver the absolute pinnacle of customer service.  Take a look at our reviews online.  Read some of the new stories about us in the local paper, and you’ll see tons and tons of great reviews because we have many very happy customers who come back to our hood cleaning company year after year for repeat services.

But that’s enough about us.  So let’s talk about you for a minute…

You’ve got a kitchen.  And that kitchen probably has a vent hood. Here are a few potential issues: 

  • The kitchen hood may be broken and in need of repairs
  • The vents might be very dirty, covered in grease and need to be sprayed and wiped down.
  • The exhaust system or one of the fans may be broken.
  • The extractor fans might not be blowing anymore
  • Ducts might be dirty.
  • Or the grease trap may be full.

Whatever the case may be, you need a hood maintenance company to take a look, clean, and make any necessary repairs.

You don’t want to hire just any restaurant hood cleaner, though.  You’re looking for certified kitchen exhaust cleaning services provided by a team of professionals. A team that shows up on time, has skilled, experienced technicians who can tell you what’s wrong in normal terms, contractors who show respect to your staff and patrons, and technicians that don’t rip you off in the process.

Am I on point with that?

If that sounds like what you need, get in touch with the best hood cleaners Durham has to offer by calling us at (919) 823-6280.

Even though we’re very busy throughout the year, we will take the time to answer your questions and schedule a free estimate so we can go over your situation in more detail and give you a personalized walk-through. We provide free, detailed estimates, a fantastic service plan, and 10% off any work when you choose us the first time around.

Our goal is to be the only commercial hood cleaner you call anytime you need help with your kitchen equipment or cleanliness. Don’t risk a poor grade from the health inspector when a team like ours can fix your restaurant up in a hurry.

Talk soon,

Durham Hood Cleaning Pros

Exhaust Fan Hinge Installation
grease trap service

The Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service Team That Works as Hard as You Do

It’s unfortunate, but most café, eatery, and chain restaurant owners have a hard time finding good help. So, every year, they’re looking for new exhaust hood cleaners in Durham because the last company didn’t deliver. Today’s the day we solve that problem for you. Our experience group of guys show up on time, inspect your equipment, review your setup against local regulations, and clean your vents, hoods, exhaust ducts, fans, and filters with precision and care. And if you need a new hood filter or extractor fan installed, we’re happy to help with that too. Even the grease trap is within our list of services.  We can do grease trap cleaning, installation, or removals.

Every member of our team brings years of in-field experience to the table. From ex-inspectors to ex-state health employees, we’ve got a skilled group here that knows the law, knows how to clean hoods, and can get you into compliance quickly. Our company spends countless hours on training for cleaning practices, safe-chemicals, and NFPA 96 guidelines to ensure we can answer all your questions and deliver a flawless service experience every time you see us.

Looking to install a new restaurant exhaust system? It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it takes quite a bit of time if you’re not familiar with the different models and ideal setup process. On top of that, inexperienced laborers tend to accidentally dent or damage critical components which ends up costing you money down the line. Leave professional hood installation to the pros and trust in our expertise. We’ll handle everything for you so it’s done right the first time around.

How to Know When It’s Time for Professional Hood Cleaner Assistance

  • Grease is accumulating on the hood vents, ducts, filters, and fans
  • The grease trap is full
  • There is no grease trap at all
  • The extractor fan is making banging noises
  • There’s a whistling sound coming from the ductwork
  • You don’t remember when your last professional cleaning was done

Every single one of these items indicates a potential problem, and we highly recommend reaching out to get a professional inspection for it.

Imagine for a moment what happens when you neglect sanitizing the hood for a few more weeks. Continuous cooking leads to a large accumulation of greasy residue on the inside of the hood, vents, filters, and on the extractor fan. That greasy smell starts to attract rodents and bugs.

Even if they don’t make it in, one spark from the grill catches the highly flammable grease and sets the kitchen ablaze. Your kitchen staff attempts to put out the fire, but the fire extinguisher hasn’t been serviced in a while and runs out too fast. This exact situation happened right here in Durham, NC to a company that will remain unnamed. Get in touch with our experts now and get a free estimate on remedying this situation for you. We’ll spray your equipment with commercial-grade eco-friendly chemicals, wipe everything down, and make sure everything from the hood to the fire extinguisher is in compliance and serviced appropriately.

What areas do you serve?

We serve all of Durham, North Carolina. Our pros work in Brightleaf at the Park, Carolina Arbors, Chancellor’s Ridge, Downtown Durham, Duke Park, Fairfield, Forest Hills, Grandale, Hope, Valley Farms, Northgate Park, Parkwood, Southpoint, Treyburn, Trinity Park, Woodcroft, and Woodlake. Cleveland-Holloway is one of the downtown neighborhoods we frequent. We’ve worked in Trinity Park, Brightleaf, Lakewood, Old West Durham, Duke Park, and all the other great neighborhoods. We’ve handled cleanings for Duke University, tons of cafés up and down Ninth Street, and multiple convenience stores around the city. From the Durham Co-op Market to the Carolina Theater, our hood cleaners are happy to drive to your location when you need us. 

Do you offer additional services?

Yes, we offer a hood filter service and cleanings, commercial kitchen fire prevention inspections, fire extinguisher services, grease trap installation, removal, and cleanings, and exhaust fan hinge installation. We also offer kitchen exhaust repairs. Using FDA-approved solutions, we’ll try cleaning first. If the system needs repairs or modifications, we can walk you through your options and get started on any recommendations you’d like to go with. Another service we didn’t mention above is rooftop grease containment. Grease spill-over on the roofing surface is a common problem that can be fixed by installing a grease containment unit on the roof. You want to avoid grease touching the roofing membrane because it degrades the material very quickly and will lead to problems down the line. We’re happy to help with this and any other services you may require. Call now for a free estimate and a 10% discount on any work we do for you.